Powerful Tips for Advertising your Property Like a True Professional

Property buyers and investors carry out their share of research before settling for a property. As a landlord, you should always take a property advertisement seriously. So, what’s the right way to promote your property? In a hurry to rent out their property, most landlords make the mistake of selling it to anyone who comes their way. Your overriding concern should be to find the ideal tenants for your property. Finding the right tenant will not only give you the much-needed financial security but avert issues related to property management. Property experts at Snippie have moderated and run lots of ads for rental property. With Snippie learn how to set the right pricing, write effective property descriptions and, best of all, save money.

So, let’s jump right in and browse through some invaluable tips for effective property advertising.          

Research the market before setting the price for the property

Before promoting your property, you must do your homework and learn about the existing price equations in your local area. Look into the price range offered by houses and apartments in the area. Go to popular property websites and find out how much rental properties are priced in the area. Highlighting the rental of your property and understanding price range similar properties is the first step to knowing how to promote your property ad. You can make smart tweaks to the price range and show your ad to people different people with different types of budgets. However, you must always try to set up a realistic price for the audience. 

The frequency of rent payment

There are posh areas in and around London where you see tenants being charged rent every week. However, in most other areas, tenants are charged only monthly. If you think about it, weekly rent would require you to collect around 52 payments every year. Collecting rents on a weekly basis could add to the administrative duties of landlords while at the same time letting them enjoy higher profit and flexibility. At the end of the down, it’s down to a landlord to decide which option they should choose.

Writing an engaging ad copy for prospective tenants. 

With just a few seconds to capture the attention of prospective buyers,if you can’t hook them with the very opening lines of your description, they will never give your property ad a second glance. So you must master the art of creating extremely engaging ad copy for your target audience. Give them the exact reason why they should prefer your property over the other ones. Think of the copy as your chance to give the prospective buyers a perfect tour of your property. If your potential tenant has a family, then your copy should include details about local schools, hospital, transportation and childcare.

As a rule of thumb, it always works best when you start your description with key details like bedroom type and property. Keep the following  tips while creating a copy:

  • Give details of high-quality domestic appliances. If they are in good shape and carry brand value, they will add more value to your property.
  • After offering an inside of the house, give them vivid details of the garden and seating area.
  • Wrap up the copy with details of parking spaces and other unique selling points.

Writing the best description of each feature.

Generally, once it appears that a potential tenant is truly interested in a specific area, you should fascinate them with other key details. This is where you go into details about the fancy features of your bedrooms, bathrooms, and so on. Write about everything, from the advanced heating system to the size of the garden and the list of bills that are included in the rent. Take a look at some solid tips while working on your copy.

  • The landmark places close to the property
  • Intriguing details of built-in wardrobe
  • The number of bedrooms with attached bathroom
  • Centralised air condition
  • Mention the list of included bills
  • Size of the garden
  • Spacious kitchen with advanced infrastructure

If you feel that you’re still short of impressive ideas, our property experts will help you write the perfect description.

Take eye-catching photos of your property, ideally lots of them.

“The photos should offer a real sensory experience that will allow prospective buyers to snuggle up to the warmth and details of the property”.

Now that you can present the best version of your property, it’s time to showcase some neatly photographed images of your property. The first step is to tidy up your property nice and clean. While taking photos of your property, the last thing you need is to have the mess from previous tenants lying around your property. Trust me; your potential tenants don’t want to see that as it could really put them off and compel them to seek property elsewhere. It’s your duty to make sure that you give potential tenants no reason to doubt the quality standards of the property. Get your creative juices flowing, capture the homely charms of the kitchen and living room. Look for unique details of the interior or exterior property that can leave a lasting impression on apartment seekers. The photos should offer a real sensory experience that will allow prospective buyers to snuggle up to the warmth and details of the property. They should serve as the virtual doorway into daily joys of your property.

Effective lighting can make all the difference.

The more vibrant the photos in your ad, the higher its click-through rate. The prospective buyers who check out your property ad after seeing colourful photos will have all the more reasons to be excited. It’s completely down to you to decide when you want the photos taken, but it will do you a world of good to get them during the day time when it’s still bright outside. The images captured on a sunny day possess a charming appeal that will surely connect with prospective buyers. While taking the photos of the interior, leave the window blinds open to let the daylight in. Avoid taking pictures in the dark corners as it often makes objects look unflattering. If you feel the lighting is terrible, don’t hesitate to rent better quality lighting equipment for the photography session.

Using the right equipment for photography

It’s easy to take the photos from your phone without much consideration for the details. But when you take photos of your property, you must do so with high-quality devices. The best part about having good quality photos is that you can use the same material for future promotion campaigns down the road. So, always think about long-term possibilities and don’t fret over spending a good amount of time or month on capturing good photos of your property. Getting good quality images of your property is undoubtedly worth your money and time. If you are not confident about photography skills, reach out to the local professional photographers.

If you have any doubts about creating and managing your property advertisement, contact the property management specialists at Snippie.